Employer Testimonials

“From the moment I began working with Jack, it was clear that his in instincts were sharper, his insights more considered and his strategies more intuitive, comprehensible & brilliant in their simplicity, than countless others I’ve met. Jack is a true business professional, putting his clients’ interests first and attacking each business challenge, head-on, with grit, determination, dogged persistence and tangeable depth of character. It was a pleasure working with him.”

BarryCEO, National Manufacturing Firm

“Jack’s direct & honest style of communication and ability to identify & direct-recruit talented professionals is a valuable combination. His knowledge of the Search process is obvious, including the fine line of making compelling case for career change while also being candid about the expectations that come with the “package”. He goes into each Search with sharp focus on meeting the client’s business objectives, and he conducts a thorough search that yields the best available options… -Not just the first qualified candidate.”

TrentSr. VP - International Industrial Manufacturing Firm

“Jack and his team are very resourceful and personable. They understand exactly what kind of values and qualities that our firm looks for in an individual. They are also helpful and have always been responsive to any questions and comments that we’ve had. I highly recommend Jack & his team’s work.”

RichardPrincipal, International Structural Engineering Firm

“Jack and his team are dedicated to providing the highest quality service. They work extremely hard to understand your needs and then they make sure that they are exceeding your expectations. They are also responsive and energetic. It was a pleasure working with Jack & his team.”

ManuelPrincipal, International Environmental & Air Quality Engineering Firm

“Jack & his team have been effective in meeting our expectations in locating qualified candidates for employment. Jack has also been very thorough in screening candidates prior to presenting to our organization to minimize my time, and giving us the best chance for a successful hire.”

GlenPrincipal, National Environmental & Green House Gas Engineering Firm

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Candidate Testimonials

“Jack is a talented, consummate professional who excels at matching opportunities with quality candidates. My course of work with he & his team as a job candidate was fluid and supportive. I look forward to working with him in the future as a partner in the search for more talent as we grow our business.”

NickCandidate, Technology Services Business Development Leader

“I had the fortune to be contacted by Jack Franklin regarding a position as a Design Manager for one of his clients. Admittedly, I blew him off at first disregarding him as the “typical recruiter” with the “perfect opportunity” for me. However, Jack stayed persistent and eventually got a hold of me by phone and convinced me to take an interview. After having worked in this new position for some time, I am grateful that Jack did stay persistent. The truth is, he did find the “perfect opportunity” for me; and likewise, did an excellent job at finding a candidate with the right soft and hard skills to meet his client’s needs. Simply put, Jack has a remarkable ability to understand his customer’s needs and find that perfect fit. Thank you, Jack!”

ChuckCandidate, Design Engineering Manager

“I emailed Jack to let him know I would be relocating from Orlando to Nashville and that I was also in the market for a new career. Within 5 minutes of clicking send, Jack called me regarding an opportunity. We discussed why I wanted to leave my current position and more importantly discussed what I wanted in my new career. Jack listened and he and his team delivered. The company he had in mind for me is known to have an extensive, rigorous interview process. Jack was a great coach and I felt fully prepared throughout the entire process. I landed the job and couldn’t be happier about my company and position; Jack nailed a perfect fit for me! I’m very thankful to have worked with Jack and his team and I would highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a new career. Bottom line, Jack and his team are great at what they do!”

AshleyCandidate, Regional Supply Chain Solutions Sales Rep

“Jack and his team did an excellent job handling the delicate and sensitive situation I was faced with. They remained professional throughout the process. I was hesitant and skeptical in our first couple conversations, but Jack quickly earned my trust and confidence. I am grateful to him and his team for helping me take a leap in my career.”

JayCandidate, Principal Structural Engineer

“I had the pleasure of working with Jack and his team during a time when I was out of work. His level of professionalism and eagerness to help me find the perfect fit for a position was bar none. Over my career, I have been contacted by or contacted recruiters and none have been as professional & as effective as Jack and his team. They kept me informed and followed up with me each step of the way. In the recruiting industry, you just do not find that level of service. Jack truly has a nack when it comes to recruiting. Anyone would be lucky to work with his company.”

MauraCandidate, Environmental Sales Rep